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Every two years, Ibirapuera Park becomes the centre of a major architecture and visual arts event.

Since 1951, every two years, the city of São Paulo becomes a capital of visual arts and architecture: the Bienal de São Paulo (São Paulo Biennale) promotes both Brazilian and foreign artists, architects and other creative professionals. The event is inspired by the work of Brazilian architect Óscar Niemeyer and each edition is dedicated to a specific theme. Over the last few decades, the Bienal has grown in importance and international profile: overall, the event’s several editions have so far included the work of 14,000 artists from 160 different countries and attracted roughly 8 million visitors.


The headquarters for the event’s organisation - The Bienal Foundation - is located at Ibirapuera Park, in a building designed by Óscar Niemeyer himself. It is here that most of the Bienal’s programme takes place: exhibits, art installations, conferences and other cultural activities.


For more information about the programme and other Bienal activities, check the official website.

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