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  1. The refund period is one year from the date of issue of the ticket, for international ones, and 6 months for domestic.
  2. Discounts of 15% are applied on tickets paid in AOA and 5% USD of administrative fee abroad.
  3. Tickets are refunded at the place where they were issued, as well as in the issue currency.
  4. The repayments of the agencies in Angola are centralized at TAAG (for the time being), whose procedures have been disclosed in a timely manner to local agencies.
  5. Tickets purchased at BSP are processed according to BSP rules.
  6. Tickets paid by state entities, and not only, must be requested and reimbursed to the entities that made the payments.
  7. 50% can be deducted according to the rule of each tariff.
  8. There are discounted rates or penalties of 100 or 250 USD on various routes, plus 15% of the fare to be reimbursed.
  9. There are tickets that do not allow reimbursement, and others that are partially used, that do not entitle you to reimbursement.
  10.  Refunds can only be made to oneself, except when it comes to children, the elderly, and people with physical weaknesses.

    In the absence of the ticket owner, a power of attorney recognized by the notary may be presented to the section. (but the transfer goes to the ticket owner.)

  11.  In the case of paying tickets to third parties an extract of the payment made must be presented so that the amounts can be transferred into the account of the person who paid.
  12.  For the refund of the tickets you must present: ticket, IBAN, Copy of Passport or Identity Card.

Attendance to the public on the 7th floor from 08h30 to 11h00 every working day.


If you lost your flight you should head to a TAAG and request a new booking. In this case, you must pay a No Show fare.

Yes, you are entitled to a full refund of the value paid. In this case, no administrative fares will be charged.

Yes, however, you will have to pay an administrative fare as well as the No Show fare. Contact a TAAG store for more information.