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The busy streets of Berlin, the charm of Cologne, the beauty of the Alps and thewell-known Beer Festival – Oktorberfest. Germany, with its rich history and stunning architecture, is one of the primary touristic destinies of Europe. Come find out why!


With a huge cultural and natural diversity, Germany is a country full of history and cultural attractions. 

From its majestic Cologne Cathedral, the biggest cathedral of Germany, to the Nymphenburg Palace, where the kings of Bavaria spend their summer, all the Germany territory is a museum waiting to be seen. If you’re a lover of natural landscapes, the Alps are a must see, as well as the Rugen Cliffs. 


Known by its love for the beer, Germany presents a nearly infinite range of events and entertainment. The famous Beer Festival – Oktoberfest in Munich, promises an unforgettable experience where 6 million liters of the best beer are offered each year. 

But Germany doesn’t live only of beer! The Berlin Film Festival is one of the most prestigious cinematographic festivals of the world and the Berlin’s Love Parade is a love’s parade gaining more popularity each year. 

Apart from the punctual events, Germany is also known by its busy night filled with options for all tastes.


Germany’s capital and one of the preferred touristic destinies, Berlin counts with a brilliant architecture and a constant movement that adorns the city. 

Dive into the Berlin Wall history, the Berlin Cathedral or the magnificent Charlottenburg Castle. 

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe is also a must see, as well as the stately Brandenburg Gate. 

If you’re interested in shopping, Berlin offers excellent options such as Kurfürstendamm and Alexanderplatz.