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The name is sui generis, its origin is Malaysian and it is one of the most typical dishes of Cape Town. It is no coincidence that it has been named the "South African National Dish".

Cape Town's appeal goes far beyond its history. Its natural beauty and heritage, its multiculturalism and its influence make it a must for any traveler. And because the tourist should not live on natural beauty alone, the vineyards and gastronomy are always a reference when Cape Town is the destination.

Mostly of Malay influence, the cuisine "Cape Malay" is known for its colors, strong and spicy flavors, the curry and samosas, whose scents spread throughout the city. Add to these dishes one that has become known as the "national dish of South Africa": the bobotie.

It is a meat dish - beef, pork or lamb - seasoned with curries and other spices. The minced meat is combined with dry bread soaked in milk and filled with a sweet and sour sauce and dried fruit. Finally, it is brushed with eggs and milk and baked in the oven.

The ideal place to taste this delicacy is at the epicenter of multiculturalism: the Bo-Kaap neighborhood. Taste it, enjoy it and keep it among your fond memories of Cape Town.


If you are sensitive to spicy food, it is important to know that Cape Town's "little pepper" is "too hot" for some people´s palate. To be on the safe side, do not ask for hot and add it to your plate to taste.

If it is still too hot, you can always use tap water. Yes, it really is tap water - you can drink it without fear! - and is often served with ice and lemon.