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Situated between Table Mountain and Signal Hill, the top of the mountain offers a panoramic view of Cape Town.

Climbing to the top of Lion's Head is certainly one of the most incredible moments of the Cape Town tour and a great tourist spot for hikers. With a height of 669 meters, the trip takes about 40/60 minutes but is extremely safe and rewarding.


An authentic lookout point, Lion's Head is widely recognized for its views over the city and the Atlantic coastline. It would be totally unforgivable to leave your camera at home and not capture all the wonderful scenery.

Its slopes are used for paragliding, but hikes at sunrise and sunset offer a unique perspective of Cape Town. Reaching the top of the mountain may be one of the most amazing places you will ever be.


Climbing to the top of the mountain is completely free. The south side is the preferred place to start the climb as this is where the safest parking can be found. Don't forget to bring a few bottles of water and snacks, and if you want to see the sunset/sunrise, bring a flashlight.