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The ancient harbour that embodies the most contemporary experience

The V&A Waterfront is "docked" in the heart of Cape Town. Carrying a name that pays homage to Queen Victoria and her son Alfred, and being the trade point to the East, the port was born in 1860, and was revitalized in 1988. Then it became the city center.

With more visitors than anywhere else on the African continent, the V&A Waterfront brings together shopping malls, hotels, markets, restaurants and various entertainment venues.

Everyone’s tastes can be pleased here. For those who like shopping you cannot miss Victoria Wharf, the largest shopping mall on the Waterfront. If you prefer tradition and handicrafts you always have Craft Market handicrafts.

At meal times there are also numerous options. In addition to the common restaurants, there is the Market Food, a market with several different stalls that sell their specialty. To get some entertainment, there is nothing better than crossing the bridge that becomes mobile to allow the passage of boats, or having fun in the Cape Wheel, which offers a 360º view of the whole city.




V&A Waterfront brings more than 400 stores with local and international products together.

Schedules: Shopping: open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Information center: 9am - 6pm (October - April); 9am - 5pm (May - September)