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This muamba is one of the traditional dishes of Angolan culture. If you are fond of peanuts you will eat and cry for more.

With its humid summers and mild nights, Huambo is one of the coldest cities in Angola. So a muamba de ginguba always goes well.

Also, if you already know the traditional chicken muamba and are fond of peanuts, you'll love this Angolan dish with ginguba. Here, red palm oil is replaced by peanut sauce. More or less spicy, all lovers of good food will be delighted with this version.

This delicacy is made from chicken with peanut butter. See how simple and delicious it is.

4 cloves garlic
½ large onion
5 ripe tomatoes
600 grams of chicken breasts
Peanut butter

Season the chicken with garlic and salt. Saute onion and add tomato. Gradually mash to a uniform sauce. Put the chicken in large pieces and let it brown. Put three tablespoons of peanut butter. Add 100 ml of water to dissolve and stir until boiling. Enjoy.


The muamba de ginguba is usually accompanied with white rice or funge. There are those who also enjoy it with cooked okra.