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It’s perhaps the main avenue of the city of Lisbon, with more than 1km of length, where you’ll be able to find the big clothing stores and much, much more.


It's exactly 1100 meters that separate the Rotunda do Marquês from Praça dos Restauradores. Between these two iconic places of the Portuguese capital, there's a large avenue, considered the 35th most expensive in the world, with big hotels, theaters, wide sidewalks and long gardens: Avenida da Liberdade. This already seems to be enough reasons to spend at the avenue, but there is still one more: the great clothing brands are all there.

The hardest part for you'll perhaps be to reconcile the time that you'll be inside the stores with the time that you may be out of the stores. When you're inside, it has the best Versace coats, the latest Luis Vuitton shoes and the stylish Prada pants; when you're out, it has historic buildings in new art style, monuments to the great Portuguese writers and the kiosks to drink something while sunbathing. Any of the options you take will be the right one.


Located in one of the hills of the city of Lisbon, Eduardo VII Park is able to offer one of the most impressive views of the Portuguese capital. Since it's next to Avenida da Liberdade, its gardens, fountains and the many exotic trees make this park the perfect starting point to begin your visit.


Despite having parking areas along its path, it's more recommended to visit the avenue by underground. There are three stops available: "Restauradores" - at the beginning of the avenue; "Avenida" - in the middle; and "Marquês of Pombal" - in the end.