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The old and the new, hand in hand, where narrow streets filled with stories meet wide and modern streets. Lisbon, is a city with a life of its own. Visiting the capital of Portugal is like going on a trip of colours, sounds and flavours.


Its time to go on a journey through the city's history, with the typical Portuguese stone sidewalk under your feet. 

Navigate the magnificence of Chiado and carry on to Bairro Alto's narrow and picturesque streets. 

Afterwards, go on a tram ride to know the city better and visit the Santa Justa Elevator where you can enjoy a unique view of the Baixa Pombalina (downtown). On the evening, return to Bairro Alto and watch an interesting transformation occur right in front of your eyes. The streets become full with people and there is entertainment in every corner. Don't miss out on the Casas de Fado (Fado houses) to experience a hallmark of Portuguese culture. 


Lisbon has history written all over its streets... and also in all of its monuments. Visit the National Tile Museum to learn more about this typically Portuguese form of art. You can also head for the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum to explore a fantastic ancient and modern art collection. 

Moving on to the Belém area – here you can taste the famous Pastéis de Belém (A typical portuguese egg tart) and visit the Belém Tower which stands on the shores of the beautiful Tagus River. The Jerónimos Monastery, a 16th century construction, is another landmark that you absolutely must visit.


If there is a place where the old and the modern truly meet, that place is Lisbon, a city whose streets bear a natural harmony between history and evolution. 

Head for the Parque das Nações (nations Park) and enjoy modern architecture and several relaxation zones near the Tagus. Go shopping at the Vasco da Gama shopping mall and get lost in an underwater world at the Lisbon Oceanarium. Don't forget to go on a cable car ride and enjoy a view of Lisbon from above!



Hello: Olá
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Excuse me: Desculpe
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Obrigado/a
Bye Bye: Adeus


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