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Mandume-ya-Ndemufayo was an Angolan hero against the foreign invasion.

In the Namacunde village, to 42 km from Ondjiva, we find the buried remains of Mandume Ya Ndemufayo (1894 - 1917), the last king of the Kwanyama people, who inhabit the Province of Cunene and Namibia.

Resisting against Portuguese and German colonialism, Mandume died in combat against the South African army. Now, he is considered a national hero in Angola and Namibia.

Arriving at the memorial you will notice the various trunks that surround it. Each trunk symbolizes historical events of the Kwanyamas' struggle.


The memorial was inaugurated in 2002 by the previous President of the Republic José Eduardo dos Santos and was attended by the former president of Namibia San Nuyoma.