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Lisbon’s historic centre is also one of the city’s best places for shopping.


Visually and culturally speaking, Chiado is one of the city’s most interesting places but it is also a one of the best places in Lisbon for shopping. Throughout the last couple of centuries, this area has always been a centre for commerce and trade, with stores and warehouses of all kinds. The neighbourhood’s recent renovation and the increase of tourism have brought new clients, new shops and new restaurants. Chiado is all about choice and shopping in this part of the Baixa e is to plunge into diversity.


Start at Rua Nova do Almada, walk up Rua Garrett and explore the side streets, until you reach Chiado square. Along the way you will find clothing shops with major international brands, wine shops, traditional product stores, bookstores, design shops, shopping malls and a wide variety of cafés and restaurants.


Both traffic and parking have limitations in this area. Therefore, the best way to get to Chiado is to catch the subway and exit on the Baixa-Chiado station. You can exit directly on Chiado square, or exit to Rua do Crucifixo and walk up Rua Nova do Almada.