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The Portuguese capital is undoubtedly a shopping destination! From the outlets to the luxury shops, from the traditional shopping centers to the modern ones open-air, Lisbon has the right offer to all pockets.

The shopping centers are spread all over the city of Lisbon and all of them is easily accessed by car or public transport.


Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet is considered the largest multi-brand outlet in Europe and is a very pleasant place to shop, because it is open-air. Besides finding great brands at the best prices, Freeport also offers spaces dedicated to the little ones, so you can do your shopping quietly. Due to its location outside the center of Lisbon, in Setúbal district, the best option to come to this shopping center is by car.


In 1997, this was the largest shopping center in Europe. Its architecture, decoration and even street names refer to the golden times of Discoveries, but what we breathe inside is modernity. Here you will find great brands for men, women and children, textiles for home, restaurants, supermarkets and even an amusement park. There are more than 300 stores and over 100,000 square meters of area to enjoy, with more or less luxury!


And from the space where Expo ‘98 (1998 Lisbon International Exposition) took place, as a phoenix reborn from the ashes, rose another great shopping center of Lisbon.

Here the theme is the Oceans, which is visible from the ceilings to the elevators, not to mention the bathrooms. Even the name of this shopping center serves as a tribute to the great discoverer of the sea route to India: Vasco da Gama. Inside, in addition to fishes and other marine animals on the walls, you'll find over 150 shops, restaurants and even a health club. And if you do not do well in enclosed spaces, you can always take a short hop out at Parque das Nações and enjoy the wonderful view over the Tagus, the Vasco da Gama Bridge and the south edge of Tagus. For the little ones, Parque das Nações is a must-see! The Pavilion of Knowledge and the Oceanarium are two of the possible suggestions.


On August 25, 1988 a fatality happened in the heart of the city of Lisbon: the Chiado fire. The losses were incalculable and beyond shops and offices, many buildings of the 18th century were totally destroyed, as well as the “Big Warehouses” that in the 19th century brought to Lisbon the cosmopolitan trade of the french capital with a vast commercial offer from clothing to jewelry and perfumery.

Eleven years later, by the hand of architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, the “Big Warehouses” were rebuilt, and many original facades were preserved. Today known as "Armazéns do Chiado", this building is a shopping center with about 50 shops and restaurants. Small in size, but with a great history that is reborn in every corner.


The best way to get to know these commercial spaces is by public transport. The metro leaves you at the door of Colombo, Vasco da Gama and Armazéns do Chiado in a few minutes, away from the hustle and bustle of traffic at rush hour. And because it is also in public transport that you can breathe a bit of Lisbon culture!